Serological diagnosis in the course of COVID-19 is important at a later stage of the disease, between 7th and 10th days after infection. The coronavirus antibody test detects antibodies in two classes.

IgM are characteristic for the “early stage” of the disease. Their detection allows the determination of possible contact with the virus, and the presence of these antibodies in the sample may be indicative of an active infection. They are detectable from 7-10 days to about a month after the infection or the occurrence of the symptoms of the disease.

IgG are antibodies of the late phase of the infection. They are determined to check the presence of immune antibodies after the coronavirus infection. If they are present in the test sample, it indicates the development of immune resistance and indicates a history of the disease and contact with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. They are detectable 11-14 days after the onset of the symptoms of the disease and their level increases with time.

Several types of samples are accepted: blood, plasma, serum. The test for the presence of antibodies in the organism provides results very fast – a result for the presence of IgM and IgG antibodies can be interpreted as soon as after just 15 minutes. It is possible to perform the test in two steps by adding the sample and the diluent respectively. IgM and IgG antibodies are detected by a single chemical reaction. The test is extremely simple to use.

RealyTech’s antigen tests are performed in diagnostics for the COVID-19 infection. They consists in qualitative identification of coronavirus antigens. The sample taken for examination is the patient’s nasal or throat swab. The test has a high sensitivity, which means that a positive result is very likely to be an active infection in the body of the tested person. However, a negative result does not exclude 100% active infection and this should be kept in mind. The antigen tests are recommended for people who are suspected of being infected.

The undoubted advantage of the antigen tests is their reasonable price and the ease of use. The result can be interpreted as early as 20 minutes after taking the swab from the patient. If the test results are positive, two red lines on the tester indicate that the infection is still in progress, and one line indicates a negative result. Detailed information on application and guidance on how to interpret the result can be found in the instructions for use attached to the product.


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