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Antigen tests, international production


Current COVID infections

Nose / throat swab; Result in <20 min.

Pack: 5 or 25 pieces;

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RealyTech’s antigen tests are performed in diagnostics for the COVID-19 infection. They consists in qualitative identification of coronavirus antigens. The sample taken for examination is the patient’s nasal or throat swab. The test has a high sensitivity, which means that a positive result is very likely to be an active infection in the body of the tested person. However, a negative result does not exclude 100% active infection and this should be kept in mind. The antigen tests are recommended for people who are suspected of being infected.

The undoubted advantage of the antigen tests is their reasonable price and the ease of use. The result can be interpreted as early as 20 minutes after taking the swab from the patient. If the test results are positive, two red lines on the tester indicate that the infection is still in progress, and one line indicates a negative result. Detailed information on application and guidance on how to interpret the result can be found in the instructions for use attached to the product.

  • RealyTech's antigen tests , international production
  • Qualitative identification of coronavirus antigens
  • The sample taken for examination is the patient's nasal or throat swab
  • The result can be interpreted as early as 20 minutes after
  • Rapid detection of Sars-Cov-2 nucleotide antigen
  • In vitro diagnostic device, Directive 98/79 / EC, EC
  • Clinical sensitivity = 90.32%
  • Clinical specificity> 99.9%
  • Accuracy = 97.71%
  • Efficiency> 96%
  • Packed in 25 or 5 tests
  • Easy-to-read test result (red lines appear)
  • CE certificate; ISO 13485: 2016



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