Slide protection and When safety have the highest priority!

Explore our offer for overalls and disposable and reusable protective gowns. We offer you a wide range of high quality products, made of fabrics subjected to special treatment, resistant to wear and also equipped with air-permeable areas.

Disposable garments provide a higher work hygiene standard than those intended for reusable application. The use of protective overalls and gowns reduces the risk of spreading infectious diseases and infections and protects against penetration of body fluids during e.g. procedures or surgeries. Disposable workwear not only provides anti-chemical protection, but it also guarantees biological protection. Overalls and gowns are suitable for work that requires increased safety.


Protective overalls and gowns available in our offer are of various thickness, some of them are made of breathable material, or are equipped with an elastic band at the waist and at the ankles or a cuff at the wrist. We have overalls produced by the best European and Polish manufacturers for our customers. The models of protective clothing selected by us combine quality, durability and comfort of use.

Depending on the materials and construction used, the overalls and gowns can be designed to protect against high risks (certified as Category III personal protective equipment) or to protect against minimum risks (products of simple construction falling into Category I). Protective gowns and overalls are made of both sterile and non-sterile materials. The most popular material is non-woven interlining, which is characterized by lightness, durability and strength. It is also commonly used for the production of other personal protective equipment such as masks, caps or shoe protectors.

The unquestionable advantage of disposable protective clothing is its low price and ease of use. It also provides much better work hygiene.


Protective clothing in terms of the intensity of the chemical substance impact is divided into 6 basic types:

  • type 1 – gas-tight clothing, protects against chemicals in a form of gases, liquids, aerosols and solid particles,
  • type 2 – non-gas-tight clothing, protecting against chemicals such as: gases, liquids, aerosols and solid particles; however, the design of the clothing does not ensure complete tightness,
  • type 3 – clothing protecting against liquid, protection against chemical substances in a form of a jet of pressurized liquid,
  • type 4 – clothing protecting against sprayed liquid, chemical substance in a form of sprayed liquid, but not pressurized,
  • type 5 – clothing protecting against solid particles, dustproof clothing protecting against dust,
  • type 6 – clothing with limited effectiveness of protection against chemical substance in a liquid form, protection against spraying.



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