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To ensure the highest hygienic protection during e.g. medical procedures, it is recommended to use gloves designed for this purpose. On the market we can find disposable gloves made of materials such as popular latex, nitrile or vinyl. Each of them has its own characteristics and specifications, by which we will recognize which model will be the right choice for us. It is worth paying attention to the appropriate material, as well as the gloves size. Inappropriate product features may cause discomfort during use and after removal.

Apart from the most popular ones made of latex, there are also nitrile, vinyl or hybrid gloves available on the market, which are gaining popularity due to the frequent latex allergy.


Nitrile gloves are made of synthetic material that does not cause allergic reactions.  They are more delicate, but still resistant to abrasion and tears. An unquestionable advantage of nitrile gloves, which makes them often used in medical offices and beauty parlours, is their increased feeling. Thanks to their durability they are resistant to puncture. They constitute an excellent barrier between chemical substances and skin, thanks to which they are resistant to substances such as oils, greases or solvents.


Vinyl gloves are extremely durable. Manufactured from PVC, they provide good protection against chemical agents and preparations and contamination such as blood, while they are less flexible, which makes them less durable. We offer the whole range of sizes, from XS to XL, which allows you to choose the right one for your needs, thus ensuring comfort in use.


Hybrid gloves are an excellent alternative to nitrile, vinyl or latex gloves. They are an aid in the fight against microorganisms. They are safe for allergy sufferers, as they do not contain traditional materials used for the production of this type of products. The material of which the gloves are made is durable, and the gloves themselves fit perfectly into a hand, do not slip off during the use, and thanks to their high adhesion it is easy to grasp objects in them.  They do not irritate delicate hand skin, either. They will certainly prove useful in the food industry, hairdressing salons or cleaning companies. Useful for work in chemically or biologically non-invasive environments.


The shelf life of the product is 2-5 years, depending on storage conditions. The optimum temperature is 5 to 25°C. Keep the gloves away from heat sources and sunlight. Air humidity is also important, if you want to keep the product in the best possible condition. It should be between 40 and 80%.


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