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Air purifiers

Our air purifiers clean rooms from pollutants such as dust, bacteria and viruses, PM2.5 dust, which is harmful to health and has an unpleasant smell. The devices are characterized by an extremely durable and innovative design, which makes them a decoration of any interior. We will be happy to advise you on choosing a product, calculate the cleaning area and recommend the optimal locations for the devices. 


Special precautions should be taken and doctor’s recommendations should be followed to avoid infection with airborne diseases such as COVID-19. Personal hygiene on a daily basis, such as frequent hand washing or the occasional use of disinfectants such as gels, sprays or antibacterial wipes, is extremely important. The air we breathe is also important. It is worth taking care of its quality in the rooms of everyday use with appropriate equipment.

In our offer you will find a wide range of personal protective equipment. In addition to masks, tests, gowns, gloves or nonwovens, we offer products useful in everyday hygiene and antiviral prevention. Our products such as bactericidal disinfectant sprays and easy-to-use hand gels provide the highest protection against harmful agents such as microorganisms, bacteria, fungi or to some extent also viruses. Our assortment will certainly allow you to take care of your hygiene in a proper way and help you to avoid potential infection.


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